Educational Help Centres Inc.

Fees and Invoicing

Tutoring Fee Schedule

London Proper and Close Surrounding Area (effective Sept. 1 2019):

$33/hour Elementary, $35/hour Secondary, $37/hour College or University - in-office (Lambeth Learning Centre, London North Tutoring, London West Tutoring)

$34/hour Elementary, $36/hour Secondary, $37/hour College or University - in-home

Elgin, Oxford and Lambton/Kent Region:

$30/hour Elementary and Secondary - any location

$33/hour College and University

Invoicing Information / Payment Policies

Invoices are mailed/emailed monthly and indicate tutoring hours and dates for the previous month ending on the date of the invoice.

You must have your Mastercard or Visa on file with us. You may choose to pay with cash, cheque, credit card or internet/telephone banking. If your account is not at a zero balance at the time your student's hours are inputted for the month, the balance owing will be charged to your credit card.

If you choose to pay cash, cheque or internet/telephone banking, you must pay at each lesson.

Overdue accounts (30+ days) are charged 2% interest. Overdue accounts (45+ days), services are terminated. Overdue accounts (70 days), legal action is initiated.

NOTE: 12 hour advanced notice for cancellation or time change must be given to your teacher. If notice is not received, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THAT SESSION!

We are endeavouring to provide a professional service as economically as possible. We request your cooperation and thank you for your patronage.